Schlomowitz-story-IMG-20230825-cropped.jpgEnhancing Lives: Investing in Dementia Care Support

We honour the whole person and believe in maximizing their potential through art and music programs, cultural activities and spiritual care. Residents take part in committees and working groups so they have more input and agency over their lives. They bring valuable perspectives to what we do, to our programming, and our processes.

Your support makes it possible for us to enrich the lives of our residents as they face health and memory challenges related to aging.

Please give generously to brighten the days of older adults at Baycrest.

A wide range of resources is essential as we improve quality of life for residents, most of whom are in their 80s and 90s.

Your support will help as we replace beds and mattresses on an ongoing basis, vital signs machines, lifts that enable us to transfer someone from bed to a wheelchair, and worn-out equipment in our massive kitchen, which produces more than a million meals a year.

Like everyone else, we face inflationary pressures and would greatly appreciate your help as we address the need for resources at Baycrest to help us care for this wonderful community.

Your support is meaningful and greatly appreciated by older adults who call Baycrest home, and everyone here whose life’s work is focused on compassionate care for those who need us.

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