Baycrest Global Solutions

Baycrest Global Solutions Inc. helps healthcare providers deliver the best in geriatrics programming, therapies, education and technologies. Baycrest Global Solutions takes a century of Baycrest’s experience in geriatric innovation and brings it to the world.



Cogniciti is a private sector digital health firm helping to reshape the world of brain health. Using scientific expertise, Cogniciti brings brain health solutions to people, businesses, and governments around the globe. Cogniciti’s Brain Health Assessment, scientifically validated by Baycrest research, has helped over 60,000 adults address their memory concerns.


Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation

The Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation (CABHI) is a solution accelerator that drives innovation in the aging and brain health sector. Established in 2015, it is the result of the largest investment in brain health and aging in Canadian history, and one of the largest investments of its kind in the world. Baycrest spearheads CABHI’s unique collaboration of health care, science, industry, not-for-profit and government partners.