Photography by Debra Friedman

Anita was born in London, England in 1956. Her father was a survivor who lived on the border of Hungary and Romania and spoke Hungarian. Her mother was from a very large family in India. They both moved to Israel, where they met and, despite a language barrier, married three months later. Her mother left Israel, and enabled by her British passport, went to live in England in 1954, where she was able to bring her husband and her sister.n Eventually, Anita’s aunt brought her husband and his family to Canada in 1960, some of whom came from Hungary after the revolution.

Anita feels she is a composite of the many cultures her life has touched: Indian, Hungarian, English and Canadian.

She married Jack Greenberg, who is a lawyer with broad interests, and together, they have three children, Michelle, Cassandra and Daniel. They also have two grandchildren.

Anita works as a Life Coach. She is actively involved with several charities, such as Canadian Shaare Zedek Hospital Foundation and The Weisenthal Foundation, and offers her lovely home to many events for charitable organizations, like Baycrest Foundation. Anita is also an avid bridge player. She has a very full and happy life and is glad her family chose to live in Canada.