• 2019

Baycrest Launches New Virtual Photography Exhibit Highlighting Portraits of the Jewish Diaspora

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Baycrest is proud to present FACING NORTH: Portraits of the Jewish Diaspora, a virtual group photography exhibition, highlighting portraits and biographies of the Toronto Jewish community who emigrated from different countries to make Canada their home. This exciting new art display will be mounted in The Ronald and Nancy Kalifer Culture Hub and available virtually for participants to get the first look at the exhibit, learn about the vision behind the show and experience moving stories from around the world.
The exhibit features photographs and stories from a number of people in the Toronto Jewish community, including Ted Bekhor, Ellis Jacob, Michael and Edna Levitt, Ed Sonshine, Baycrest’s Dr. Adriana Shnall and many more. For the full list of participants, visit baycrestfoundation.org/Get-Involved/Facing-North
“This photography exhibit is a captured, living memory of a people in the diaspora who made the best of their life situations and, in some cases, ended up changing the fabric of the society in which they settled. We are thrilled to have it available at Baycrest and thank everyone for their participating and in supporting the Baycrest Foundation in its work to help fund care, innovation, education and research in aging and bran health,” said Josh Cooper, President and CEO, Baycrest Foundation.

  • FACING NORTH Creative Director, Bonnie Lawrence Shear
  • Participating photographers: David Amoils, Debra Friedman, Meghan Richardson, Tom Sandler, Elliot Sylman and Hudson Taylor
  • Baycrest Foundation President and CEO, Josh Cooper

A virtual group photography exhibition highlighting portraits and biographies of the Toronto Jewish community members who emigrated from over 23 countries to make Canada their home.
To register for the virtual exhibition, visit: https://bit.ly/3m2CWzH
Wednesday, December 9, 2020 from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.
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