Grateful family makes lasting impact at Baycrest

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The Marubashi family
Kay and Robert Marubashi have always set aside money in their budget for charitable giving, but they never expected that their charity of choice would become Baycrest.

Although they had heard of Baycrest, they knew little about the organization before their son, Paul, became a patient in December 2016. An avid hockey player and golfer, the father of two suffered a heart attack in the dressing room after a pickup hockey game almost three years ago. His brain was deprived of oxygen and the damage was irreversible. 

“Paul was a professional engineer, a motorcycle enthusiast and a beloved hockey coach,” says Kay. “Now he can’t speak or do anything for himself. We are so grateful that everyone at Baycrest treats him with such care and compassion.”

“Someone from the family is usually with Paul every day,” adds his wife, Sharon, “but if we can’t come, we know he’ll be well looked after and that’s very comforting.”

Paul’s care team gets him into his wheelchair three times a week so the family can take him to concerts on the main floor, to the Kalifer Culture Hub and outside in the summer to the gardens and rooftop patio. They hope he enjoys the change of scenery, sounds and stimulation, but as Kay says, “It’s probably more for us than for him.”

To show their appreciation for the wonderful care and services that Paul receives, the Marubashis began donating to Baycrest and asked that 50 per cent be directed to care and 50 per cent to research. Once they became familiar with the work of the Rotman Research Institute, they wanted to support brain research that could lead to treatments for brain injury as well as age-related brain changes.

“Maybe some day they’ll be able to reverse the type of brain damage that happened to Paul,” Kay says.
Friends and relatives frequently ask what they can do to help so the family decided to set up a fund to support Baycrest through the Baycrest Foundation. Kay says she was hesitant to approach others to contribute to the fund but she did and the response was immediate and generous.

“We wanted to show our gratitude to the whole team and help support Baycrest in some way,” Kay adds.

Paul’s condition has stabilized to the point that he can soon move to a long-term care facility but his family will always have a connection to Baycrest through their thoughtfulness and generosity.

For information on our Gift of Thanks program and how you can make a meaningful impact at Baycrest, please contact or 416-785-2875.
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