Who is your Baycrest hero?

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Who is your Baycrest hero?

For one of our grateful patients, it was the entire staff of the 4-East Wing in Baycrest Hospital plus audiologist Marilyn Reed. In fact, they were her heroes for several weeks as she recovered from depression after suffering a fall.

She showed her appreciation with a generous gift to the Baycrest Foundation, and the staff received recognition for the outstanding care they provided. Now, she is urging others to say thanks to their Baycrest heroes by supporting the Baycrest Foundation with a charitable gift in their honour.

“I went to Baycrest and the people were very nice and the care was outstanding. I recovered there. I appreciated it and that’s why I made a donation to honour those who helped me get better.”

Donations help Baycrest care in a personalized and holistic way for people with frailty, dementia, mental health concerns and other challenges of aging. They also support education, research and innovation to improve brain health and well-being for people throughout the local community and beyond.

Find out how to honour your Baycrest hero through a gift of thanks to the Baycrest Foundation.  See the online form here, or a downloadable form that you can print and mail here.

Patients, residents and families are welcome to share their Baycrest stories with us.  Please do so here.
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