‘Sensational’ team helps patient get back on her feet

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Care Story

Barbara Alexander had the whole family over for dinner on Yom Kippur evening a few years ago and fell as she went to the kitchen to get something for dessert. Her hip was fractured, and she had surgery the next day. Within a few days, she arrived at Baycrest for rehabilitation.

She had spent many years as a volunteer at Baycrest. Now, she would be on the receiving end of Baycrest’s efforts to help patients heal.

“I’ve had nothing but the finest of care,” Barbara said five weeks after surgery, and one week after being released.

“I cannot believe the feelings of kindness”

“The care was beyond anything I ever heard of or would have expected. I cannot believe the feelings of kindness. The orthopedic group are sensational.”

Alexander was soon walking again without the assistance of her walker, and back to volunteering at Baycrest with her husband Marshall, who was also enthusiastic about his wife’s care at Baycrest.

“The treatment that she got … was just unbelievable,” he said, adding that every one of the nurses “no matter what shift it was, was caring, just fantastic. We love it here.”

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