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Family Stories – Generational Giving.

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Frisch Family Story – Doing Their Part to Fight Dementia

For nearly 20 years, Ron and Hedy Frisch and their family have supported Baycrest in its fight against dementia. As longstanding donors to the Baycrest Foundation, the Frisch Family have made substantial  donations to the organization, money that goes toward everything from operational costs to research to innovation, care and education in brain health and aging.
Beyond donations, Ron and Hedy are also generous with their time. For example, in 2005 the couple hosted a fundraising evening for sponsors at their home ahead of that year’s Baycrest Gala evening (Hedy was Gala Co-Chair). Their positive attitude helped raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Baycrest.  

Asked why they look to Baycrest as part of their family’s annual giving plan, Ron and Hedy note that the work being done at Baycrest to help prevent dementia is crucial for an aging population.
“We understand the need for Baycrest in all our lives. So many people rely on the work Baycrest does, the care it gives its residents and patients, and the relentless work of its scientists in the Rotman Research Institute who are trying to find the cure for Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. It’s a cause that is close to our hearts and we encourage anyone who has been connected with a loved one suffering from dementia to support Baycrest as we do. We cannot say enough about how important its role is in society today.”

From left to right: Eric Frisch, Hedy Frisch,Oren Eizenman, Jackie Frisch Eizenman, Matthew Frisch, Lauren Frisch Lanes, Jeff Lanes, Ron Frisch.

Max & Ruth Leroy and Family – Generations of Generosity

Another family with longstanding ties to Baycrest is the Leroy Family.

Maxwell and Ruth Leroy, z”l, were passionate about their support for Baycrest. An accountant by training, Maxwell was deeply committed to giving back to the community and to those in need. Ruth was a dedicated volunteer in the Jewish community and shared Maxwell’s desire to give back.

The Leroys’ charitable involvement with Baycrest began in 1988 with one gift. This quickly turned into numerous gifts over the following decades as part of their recognition of the great need to help older adults in the community. Early in 2008, Max was alerted to Baycrest’s then-urgent need for important new kitchen equipment. He quickly sprang into action and gave a generous donation to alleviate the situation, which enabled Baycrest to purchase crucial blast chillers – equipment which flash-freezes meals so they can be stored and then heated later on for patients in the hospital. It was just one of many examples of giving back through their love for Baycrest.  

Max and Ruth’s legacy of giving was passed down to the next generation.

Their daughter, Candace Lewis, is a director of The Maxwell & Ruth Leroy Foundation. In 2011, through her parents’ namesake foundation – and along with her fellow board members - she made another significant pledge to Baycrest to fund an upgraded food delivery system for the hospital. In the years following, further major gifts were made, including funding towards hydrotherapy suites in 2017 and for mobile medication carts in 2018.

Baycrest President and CEO, Dr. William Reichman, remembers Max fondly.

“Baycrest will always be grateful for the support and generosity that was shown by Max and Ruth. I had the honour of knowing Max, and witnessing his passion for our organization. Through The Maxwell & Ruth Leroy Foundation, his ongoing legacy continues to have a positive impact on care for our community,” he says.

Photo: From left to right: Candace Lewis, Edward Lewis, Dr. William Reichman, Wentworth Graham

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